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Soccer Shoes 4 Street Kids

Ugandan boy playing soccer with no shoes
A group of us will be flying back to Kampala, Uganda on May 19th. We are asking for donations from people in the Southern California counties of Ventura and Los Angeles. Most street children, especially the boys, are unwilling to leave the streets where they establish freedom, a family (gang of boys) and some street location that they have claimed to be their own. They become very “raw” think Lord of the Flies. Many locals refer to them as “animal kids” because they have lost all sense of society and behave in a very primitive fashion.    

The first step to help them off of the streets is to gain their trust and one proven method is to slowly gain friendship and trust by allowing them to participate in activities such as sports and arts. Soccer has proven to be an activity that draws in a lot of street boys and girls alike. Unfortunately, we do not have enough soccer cleats to provide to all the children.

SO WE ARE ASKING YOU TO DONATE OLD SOCCER CLEATS IF YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN HAVE SOME EXTRA CLEATS THAT ARE STILL FUNCTIONAL. The children will be grateful for anything that you are willing to provide. If you don’t have any extra cleats, but would like to help, send a message to you!

Protecting one foot is better than none… right?